Submitting your paper to ANTEM 2021

Steps for Submission:

  1. Submit your final IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF.
  2. You will then receive a computer-generated confirmation, and an e-mail will be immediately sent to the submitting author to provide feedback on a successful submission (as per below).
    During the submission process, at the bottom of the first screen, you will be asked to create a password. Please create your password and remember it as we cannot provide you with this password if forgotten.

Example of Confirmation Email:

Thank you for your submission to ANTEM 2021.  Below is a copy of the information submitted for your records.

Submission ID: 1

Consent: I consent to the collection and use of my personal information, including receiving emails, consistent with the Privacy Policy linked above. I have also obtained the consent of all other individuals whose information I provide.

Title: This is a Paper Submitted to ANTEM 2021

Author 1:
First Name: John
Last Name: Doe
Organization: University of Hogwarts
Country: Canada
Contact Author: Author 1
Alternate Contact:

Topic(s): Dielectric, Planar and Conformal Antennas
Keywords: Paper, ANTEM 2021



  1. Next, you are required to complete the IEEE Electronic Copyright Form (eCF) (all submissions require a copyright). Click on the “OpenConf Home” tab and then click on the “Submit Copyright” link which will take you to the IEEE eCopyright screen where you will be asked for your “Submission ID” (paper number) and “Password” (created during the submission process).  Once signed in you will then be taken to a second screen “IEEE eCopyright” where you will click on the “Copyright Submission” button. You will then be brought to the IEEE eCF which is a fully digital version of the IEEE Copyright Form. It includes an important feature (the Wizard) that, through a series of questions and replies, determines the author’s copyright status and brings the author to the appropriate form to sign electronically.  By typing in your name you agree to assigning copyright to IEEE.
  2. To submit a revised version up until the closing of the submission link, please use the Upload File link.