Student Paper Competition - Reduced Registration Fees to Eligible Papers

Eligibility Requirements

  1. The student does NOT have to be a member of IEEE.
  2. For consideration in the student paper competition, the student must be the only student author, the first author on the paper, and a student at the time of paper submission.
  3. Only 2-page IEEE format papers will be considered for the student paper competition.
  4. The student’s primary advisor must be a co-author and must submit a signed letter on their institution’s letterhead indicating their title, nominating the student by name, and attesting that the contributions of all other co-authors on the paper are primarily advisory. The signature must be hand-written or digitally signed; hand-signed letters should be scanned into PDFs. A typed name in the signature line will result in disqualification. The letter must be in PDF format, on institutional letterhead, and must be emailed with subject line ANTEM Student Paper Competition Support Letter to
  5. An advisor may nominate more than one student (see point 8).
  6. All SPC entries are automatically considered for placement in regular symposium sessions, depending on acceptance or rejection as determined in the review process. In other words, a second submission of the same paper is NOT needed to be considered for regular or special session placement.
  7. The student must be registered for the conference and present the paper to be eligible for the SPC.
  8. The first nominee by an advisor that meets all of the listed conditions will enjoy a reduced registration fee of $50 CAD. Subsequent nominees by the same advisor will be entered into the SPC at the full registration fee.