Call for Papers

Paper Submission Deadline:

Scope of the Conference

IEEE ANTEM 2021 is co-sponsored by IEEE Canada, the IEEE Winnipeg Section, & the Canadian National Committee of URSI. ANTEM is a premier event for networking, exchanging ideas, & identifying future trends and developments in antennas, propagation & applied electromagnetics. The program will include distinguished lectures, special sessions on leading edge topics, one-day summer schools and a student paper competition. The language of the symposium is English.

Conference Theme: “Making Space”

Several specialized topical sessions will be introduced to the conference under this theme:

  • Design and application of antennas & radiating systems to eliminate touch requirements
  • Antenna miniaturization to reduce antenna dimensions
  • Antennas designed for space applications (e.g., satellites and CubeSats)

Students may elect to enter their manuscripts in the Student Paper Competition. Details are available on the ANTEM website.

List of ANTEM and URSI Topics

• Antenna Theory
• Dielectric, Planar & Conformal Antennas
• Antenna Miniaturization & Integration
• Intelligent Reconfigurable Antennas
• Phased Arrays, Reflect-Arrays, and Lenses
• Reflector Antennas
• Wearable & Wireless Sensor Antennas
• On-Chip/In-Package Anennas
• Terahertz & Optical Antennas
• UWB Antennas & Systems

Field Theory & Computation
• Analytic & Numerical Methods
• Modelling & EM-CAD Tools
• Scattering & Diffraction
• Inverse Scattering & Remote Sensing
• Guided Waves
• Transients & Time Domain Electromagnetics

Radio Science
A. Electromagnetic Metrology
B. Fields and Waves
C. Radiocommunication Systems & Signal Processing
D. Electronics and Photonics
E. Electromagnetic Environment & Interference
F. Wave Propagation & Remote Sensing
G. Ionospheric Radio & Propagation
H. Waves in Plasmas
J. Radio Astronomy
K. Electromagnetics in Biology and Medicine

Electromagnetic Systems, Devices & Applications
• Propagation & Channel Modelling
• Next Generation Mobile Communication & Sensing
• Electromagnetic Metrology
• Machine Learning
• Satellite/CubeSat Radio Communication Systems
• Terrestrial & Ionospheric Radio Communication
• Automotive Radar & Imaging Systems
• Software Defined Radio
• MEMS & Micromachining for RF Systems
• Microwave-to-THz Devices, Circuits & Imaging
• MIMO Systems
• Photonic Devices & Circuits
• Vehicular Electromagnetics
• Wireless Power Transmission
• Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting
• Biomedical Imaging & Sensing
• Electromagnetic Field Measurement
• Electromagnetic Properties & Material Characterization
• Electromagnetic Interference & Compatibility
• Spectrum Management & Spectrum Policy

New Phenomena & Engineered Media
• Bio-electromagnetics
• Nano-electromagnetics
• EBG/Metamaterial Structures
• Frequency Selective Surfaces