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If you are unsure of your registration cost as per the details below, before you begin your registration please email for help.
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An email reply will be sent with the Registration Fee you should be paying.
**Please be reminded, if your registration fee is entered incorrectly and a refund has to be issued, you will be liable for the $20.00 fee to make the correction.

Full Paper Registration 1 Price
IEEE Member/URSI Member
Non IEEE/URSI Member
Student Paper Competition2
Conference Access Price
IEEE Member/URSI Member
Non IEEE/URSI Member
Discounted Registrations
for Conference Access
Student IEEE Member/URSI Member
Student Non IEEE Member
IEEE Life Member
Additional Publication Fees Price
Extra Paper Charge: (maximum 2 additional papers), per paper3

Terms and Conditions:

Each Accepted Paper requires one Full Author Registration (Member/Non-member) and each Registered Attendee requires a completed registration form. When completing the registration form, please be sure to reference the Paper # which the registration/s are associated with.

  1. Full Author Registration: each accepted paper requires one Full Author Registration.
    Example 1: If both the supervisor and their student plan to attend the conference, the supervisor would register at the Full Author Registration (Member/Non-member) $250/$350 rate and the student would register at the applicable Discounted Conference Access (Member/Non-Member) $10/$35 rate. e.g. Total registration: (Members/Non-members) $260/$385.
    Example 2: If a paper has two student authors and a supervisor, and all plan to attend the conference, the two students would pay the Discounted Conference Access (Member/Non-member) $10/$35 each rate, and the supervisor would pay the Full Author Registration (Member/Non-member) $250/$350 rate. If only one student plans to attend the conference, the student must register at the Full Author Registration (Member/Non-member) $250/$350 rate. e.g. Total registration: (Members/Non-members) $270/$420.
  2. Student Paper Competition: For each Student Paper accepted and entered into the Student Paper Competition, the student must adhere to all of the criteria listed under the Student Paper Competition regulations. An advisor may nominate more than one student, although the first nominee by that advisor who meets all of the listed conditions will enjoy the reduced registration fee of $50 CAD. Subsequent nominees by the same advisor must register at the Full Author Registration rate.
    Example: First student can get the reduced rate at $50. The advisor pays the Conference Access (Member/Non-member) $150/$200 rate to access the conference. e.g. Total registration (Member/Non-Member) $200/$250. Subsequent nominees pay (Member/Non-member) $250/$350.
  3. Multiple Papers: If one author has two accepted papers, one Full Author Registration is required for the first paper, and the second paper would require the Additional Publication Fee to be able to upload it for presentation. Up to two Extra Papers can be added at Additional Publication Fee rate.